Information For Parents

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Does your child need help? We know what to do.

We’re a private clinical practice with a focus on youth. Our psychologists are clinically endorsed and experienced in child and adolescent support.

We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s experience and provide you with regular updates as they progress.

There’s no judgement either. We know that every parent is doing their best. We’re here to help you reconnect with your child and guide new behaviours at home and school.

We’re big believers in building support networks. We connect with schools, parents, and other health professionals to share our knowledge and create an overarching plan for your child’s improvement.

Sound therapy is a group effort. We practice with this in mind and make every effort to include family in our work.

Financial Support For Your Child’s Therapy Explained.

We understand that the cost of therapy can be a significant factor in the decision-making process. To make therapy accessible, our fees are significantly lower than the rate recommended by the Australian Psychological Society.

For additional support, we recommend that you ask your child’s GP for a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). A MHCP will provide up to ten rebates of $126.50 per calendar year to subside appointments. The GP will provide a referral letter and a copy of the plan for you to bring to your first appointment. We process rebates on the spot for an instant bank deposit.

Private health insurance may also be used, after or instead of a MHCP. For families registered with the NDIS, we work with self-managed or plan-managed funds. If you currently have a NDIA-managed fund, you may request to reallocate a portion to self or plan managed to attend. NDIS appointments are fully funded with no gap payment.

We ask that you bring a copy of the MHCP along with any other reports you deem to be relevant to your first appointment to help with our intake process. Your attendance at this appointment is necessary. We’ll negotiate your involvement for following appointments according to the wishes of you and your child.

Call us today to organise an appointment or talk further about the process. We’re happy to help.

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