Our Clinicians

Rebecca Sharkey

Clinical Team Leader & Clinical Psychologist
B Psych (Hons), M Psych (Clin)
Location – Plympton

Rebecca is a senior Clinical Psychologist and one of our Clinical Team Leaders here at Better Self Psychology. She has a passion for breaking societal expectations, particularly regarding body image and gender norms. Rebecca is also a big advocate for inclusion and enjoys working with neurodiverse people particularly autism and ADHD in female presentations (and people assigned female at birth AFAB).

Rebecca is also passionate about supporting the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and can communicate in Auslan (she has a diploma in Auslan). Rebecca draws upon a wide range of evidence-based treatments but has a particular focus on Schema therapy. Something she’s currently undergoing accreditation in.

Coming from Ireland you’ll notice she loves a cup of tea and her warm, caring and creative ways quickly places people at ease.