Our Clinicians

Daniela Hoskin

Clinical Psychology Registrar
B Psych (Sc) Psych (Hons) M Psych (Clin)
Location- Hutt Street and Plympton

Originally from Germany, Daniela has completed her psychology training in Europe and Australia. Daniela enjoys helping adolescents and adults to navigate their challenges and brings curiosity, warmth, and a pinch of German directness to her work.

Daniela believes that challenges can be viewed as opportunities to grow and that ­– while you cannot change the past – looking at your history can help you make sense of your present. Using techniques from Cognitive Behaviour and Schema Therapy, Daniela will help you gain insight, identify and break free from unhelpful patterns, and heal from past disappointment or trauma. Ultimately developing healthier and happier relationships with others – and, most importantly, yourself.