Child and Family Psychologists

Supporting Happy, Healthy Childhoods.

Therapy can be helpful for children struggling with a particular challenge. Our goal as child and family psychologists is to build healthy relationships between family members and empower parents to feel confident supporting their children without us.

The intent of therapy is to help both child and family understand what is happening and provide the tools to overcome it.

How it Helps.

Therapy can reduce conflict between siblings and parents, improve school attendance, and help children to feel calm and confident about themselves.

Successful therapy develops a secure sense of self, which is essential for a child to feel happy and safe. It encourages children to seek out healthy relationships amongst their peers and voluntarily take on challenges to grow.

Our Approach.

We encourage parents to remain involved in the therapy process and provide them with regular feedback, as well as strategies that they can practice with their children at home.

The first appointment is typically conducted with both parent and child, allowing for individual time with each. As sessions progress, we teach emotional literacy so that children understand what are feeling and can manage it a better manner. We also correct unhelpful thinking patterns that cause low mood and anxiety.

Our psychologists match their intervention to the age of each child, with play therapy for younger children, and more autonomous appointments for older teenagers. Throughout, we keep parents informed of any risk issues so that can best care for their children.